JJewels is one of the brands of BlueWhiteGroup, founded in 1974 by David Joshach. David takes his first steps in the diamond world and diamond cutting industry at a very young age. His passion for jewellery drives him to build throughout the years an important company diversified in three brands. BLUE WHITE DIAMONDS operates in the diamond import business from the international leading markets. The second one, JJewels is a young and sophisticated jewellery brand. Last but not least, Duepunti; a crazy, innovative brand, combining unusual materials with diamonds and creating a fashionable contemporary jewellery concept. Blue White Group is a family run business, located right in the heart of Milan where David leads a strong team of professionals in charge of the diamond department cooperating with the most important gemmological institutes worldwide. Together with the company's design, manufacturing and sales teams the group supplies the Italian and international diamond, jewellery and production markets. JJewels Milano flagship store DAVID J is in Brescia, in Corso Palestro, right in the town centre. Besides all of its brand’s collections, you can also find some of the most representative pieces. The shop perfectly resembles the brand’s image and philosophy. It is in the care given to every aesthetic detail, the elegant styling of the shop window and the remarkable jewels exhibited that JJewels Milano’s style is recognizable.